Who are MetaMouse? Why are we on this mission?

Metamouse is a project of altercap.com, licensed crypto exchange.

We believe in crypto, believe in freedom, and believe, that you should be free to spend your money. We trust in people and networks. Metamouse is about connecting all these values together.

Built by the Altercap Team.

Why did we build Metamouse?

The realization was simple. Our team planned holidays and wanted to buy airline tickets, book accommodations, and a car with crypto. Unfortunately, the choice of services that accept crypto payment is still highly limited.

We discussed the issue in the crypto community and saw that a lot of people are facing the same problems. People are looking for a way to pay for not just travel expenses, but for utility bills, internet, phone, and events.

So we started thinking about a service, that would allow paying for any service with crypto and this is how Metamouse was born.

How does it work?

Metamouse is a peer-to-peer payment service.

In order to pay your invoice, just fill out the invoice form, connect your wallet and pay with ETH or USDT. Once we receive the crypto, our partners will pay your invoice.

The actual payments are done by our trusted partners. For their services, they are getting 40% of the commissions. The rest is used for the development of Metamouse. Currently, we partner only with a limited group of verified people, but soon, we plan to allow anybody to join the community and become our partners.